About Us

Welcome! If you’re reading this, then it means that I’ve successfully written my first blog post, which is designed for the average “9-5” employee who – like me – is trying to find financial independence and step away from working for others until the “normal” retirement age (which incidentally here in the UK will be 57 for myself). I’ve never written a blog before, and what writing I have undertaken during my career so far has always been firmly as an employee, therefore this will be the first time whereby I can just be, well myself!

I have one striking difference when being compared to most “retire early” bloggers which you may come across online, in that I’m not rich, and I certainly can’t retire yet! I’ve read a LOT of books/articles/websites/ over the past 3 years, and I put my money where my mouth is, that is I have my own investments and will actively put my own savings into retirement plans. On that note, I have a very modest amount of savings, and will be starting this blog from the very relative beginning of my financial journey, and intend to share EVERYTHING that I may pick up along the way.

This blog will be written in an interactive format, which means that I will be asking YOU to contribute, and send in any comments, queries or concerns that you may have. The internet has been a revelation in our day-to-day lives, and I want to thoroughly harness the ability that it gives us ALL to communicate with each other. I’m based in the middle of nowhere in England, but it genuinely excites me to be able to connect with people on the other side of the planet and pass on any information that I have to others who are willing to learn, and who actively seek to change their financial future. After all, that’s how I learned, and we’re all on the same journey, right?

So please, get a drink, relax, and stick around on this financial journey: the money marathon!